Peplum & A Ponytail


Last March, Gerald and I were visiting his parents in Charlottesville and his mom gave me an InStyle magazine to thumb through while the boys were reading the paper. (Gerald and his brother both love reading the news at breakfast, which reminds me I need to renew our WAPO subscription…) It’s rare that I find a piece of clothing I have to have while flipping through magazines (usually the items featured are way out of my price range) but a striped peplum top from Zara, identical to the one I’m wearing in these photos caught my eye, and I was determined to find it.

I went straight to the website but had to luck finding it online, and then resorted to Google image searching the top and pouring over multiple websites to find a dupe on the car ride back to DC with no luck. I even made a few trips to the Metro Center location hoping I would find it hidden in a rack! After a few weeks of searching, I gave up and figured I’d just have to sit this one out.

Fast forward to August, and while I was browsing Zaful, I nearly shrieked with excitement because I found the top’s twin on the retailer’s site! A few clicks later and it was in my shopping cart and on its way to me and I was thrilled. Zaful has recently stepped up its game, and I’ve been pretty impressed with its new packaging (nicer, heavy-weight packaging with Ziplock-style closures versus crinkly plastic packages with the sticky strip to keep them closed) and after a quick toss in the dryer to keep smooth out the wrinkles, I was ready to wear this to a blogger meet up at Emissary. (Thanks for snapping these photos before the event began, Caro!)

To balance out the shoulder details, I strayed away from my signature summer messy bun and opted for a “rocker-inspired” pony. The amount of dry shampoo I have in my hair for attempted volume is terrifying. The pony was a nice alternative to tossing my hair up half-hazardly and it’s making me think I should start experimenting with some different hairstyles!

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