A Rant About Personal Style

DSC04782DSC04816DSC04803DSC04818It’s funny how your taste changes the older you get, right? At age 18, your favorite color could be hot pink and you might demand that your freshman college dorm room be decked out in accents of zebra and Barbie’s signature color (Shroots, what were we thinking!?) — but as you grow older, I guess it’s natural that things you once loved make you cringe.

Less than three years ago, I used to hate wearing pants — I considered them torture —and my closet was filled with flirty and girly dresses. Now, I almost feel uncomfortable in dresses and long for my forgiving high waisted jeans when I forgo them for a frock. Three years ago, you never would have caught me with my hair in a bun, but it’s now almost become my signature hairstyle (thanks, DC humidity). Up until two weeks ago, I was convinced that I wanted a gold and white wedding and now I’ve totally shifted to a different color palette after deciding I needed some blue in there because Gerald looks so nice in that color.

I guess the point of all of this rambling is to share that it’s okay for your preferences to change throughout the years. I’ve noticed my personal style shift drastically in the last year, and at one point I almost felt like I was betraying myself by enjoying wearing pants! I felt like I wasn’t being true to my “personal brand” (whatever that may be) then felt like an idiot, because literally who cares!? That’s the beauty of personal style — it’s personal, which means it belongs to you and only you. Don’t feel like you have to fit into a certain mold just because at one point in time you decided you hated all things preppy and would never shop at J Crew. I’m wearing Madewell jeans in this post and that’s basically the same thing!

Anyways, your style is going to evolve. I encourage you to pick up the next “off brand” thing you’re drawn to the next time you’re shopping. Who cares if it doesn’t fit into your wardrobe of all black or preppy pastels? If you want to try it, do it. The best part of growing up is figuring out what you truly do like.

Shop My Look: 

Sweater | Tobi*

(*disclaimer, it runs a little large. I’m wearing a small and should have gone for an XS! Tobi usually runs pretty true to size though.)

Jeans | Madewell(I’m wearing a “regular” cut in size 25)

Shoes | Vestique (similar)

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