An Open Letter To The District

DSC04862DSC04851DSC04838DSC04858DSC04833I haven’t always loved DC. As a Northern Virginia native, I would frequently visit the city on field trips and family outings while I was growing up. One of the things I remember the most about these trips was being jealous of the city-slickers I saw running on the National Mall — I wasn’t even a runner, so I’m not quite sure why that resonated so strongly with me. While I romanticized about having the monuments as my backdrop on evening runs, I actually never thought I would end up in DC — I was pretty much convinced that I was going to be a New York City girl and work in the fashion industry. As fate had it, that wasn’t an option for me right out of college, so I ended up moving a whopping 12 miles (45 minutes thanks to the traffic) away from home and into DC, but it turns out I like it just fine.

I love that we have distinct neighborhoods and a blossoming restaurant scene. I love that we have a (mostly) reliable and inexpensive public transit system. I love that I can walk from my apartment in Shaw to Dupont Circle within 20 minutes.

What I don’t love, is that DC is a transient city. I’ve almost lost count of the amount of friends who have moved to the District and that I’ve formed very close bonds with, only to have them move two years later. Making friends as an adult out of college is hard. I’m a fairly sociable person, but it’s definitely a challenge to establish meaningful relationships as a twenty-something outside of school or work. I’ve been fortunate enough to find a network of women who I’ve grown to call very good friends, but true to form, one of them just left the city on a new venture.

I wore this outfit to one of my closest blogger friends, Glass Of Glam’s going away party last weekend. I’d been saving it for the occasion, and although I felt pretty fab in this tobi snakeskin romper— it was a bittersweet event. 

Between getting engaged, celebrating new babies, stress at work, and bidding one of my closest friends goodbye in less than a week, I’m a bit emotionally worn out, so I’ll sign off this post with this — I wish you and the Husband and Kitties of Glam the best in your new city, Rox. I know it’s not a goodbye, but a “see ya when you return from your really long vacation.” Love you + miss you already.

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2 Replies to “An Open Letter To The District”

  1. D’awwww that is so sweet! I’m going to miss Roxanne too!

    And I totally understand; when I first moved here I couldn’t make any friends because 1; they thought I was “transient” and wouldn’t be around long enough or 2; I made a friend who then left! It’s heartbreaking! But you’re not alone and we will all get through this!

    Xo Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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