Tips For Jean Skirt Shopping


If you had told me in college that denim skirts would come back in style, I would have laughed in your face. Yet here I am, reaching into my dresser nearly every weekend to pull out a jean skirt! I got this skirt in late August and have worn it no less than seven times since then. Sure, the fact that it’s felt more like summer than fall the past few months definitely helps, but I can surely say I’m getting my money’s worth out of it!

I’ve been primarily pairing this skirt with bodysuits (as seen in this post) but I’ve also styled it with a simple baseball tee, an oversized sweater, and a button down.. I can also see myself pairing it with a white tee and open flannel or a thermal Henley as the temps drop! 

A denim skirt is a great alternative to jean shorts because it looks more polished, but still offers the comfort of denim versus a floaty dress. Since I don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon, I thought I’d offer a few of my tips for finding and styling your own jean skirt! 

  • Rise is key: to avoid looking like you pulled your abercombie jean skirt out of your storage closet, go for a high-rise fit. Back in the 2000s the hip-hugger style reined supreme, but a high-waisted style looks more mature and quite frankly, is more flattering
  • Consider the wash: I’m drawn to the light wash or black denim skirts because again, they don’t look like the skirts we used to wear back in middle school. (Was it just me, or were light wash jeans considered dorky back in the day?) Stay away from the bleach or paint spots too because that just instantly evokes visions of Hollister.
  • Do the fingertip test: I’ve talked about the fingertip test before, but one of my new rules of thumb is to make sure the skirt hits right at or below my fingertips to make sure the length is appropriate
  • Special details are a go: front buttons, embroidery, and patchwork details are a fun way to even further elevate your look from basic jeans, but don’t overdo it on the gaudy
  • Accentuate your waist: since denim skirts can be a bit boxy, I like tucking in my shirts either all the way or in a half tuck so that my frame isn’t overwhelmed

Shop My Look: 

Bodysuit | Forever 21 (similar)

Skirt | Urban Outfitters (similar)

Sneakers | Converse

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