Knot Sweater


Fun fact, I used to write down what I wore every single day in a planner. It started in middle school and carried all the way through my first job out of college. I would record everything, from my shoes to accessories, in hopes that I wouldn’t outfit repeat in too short of a time span.

Oh, how the tides have turned. I not only have worn this RoseGal sweater three times in a month, I even wore it two nights in a row on our trip to Asheville — styled different ways of course. As seen here, I paired it with denim cutoffs, and the night before a pair of black distressed jeans. For a brunch outing with one of my besties, I wore it with a my trusty denim skirt.

The best part? It comes in four different colors and is under $50! It’s one of those “one size fits all” deals, but I’d say it’s probably true to a medium and possibly a large. I kind of liked the off-the-shoulder factor though! I think I’m going to get it in the khaki color as well!

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