All The Furry Vests


My favorite part about switching my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter is pulling out my collection of fur vests. I love pairing them with everything from flannels to long sleeve dresses, and sweaters to just plain tees. One of my favorite combinations is to pair a furry vest with a floral print top for a 70s inspired look. Add in these high-waisted button front jeans, and I felt like I could have been an extra in That ’70s Show (can you say studio wardrobe goals?). I currently have four fur vests — a light sand colored, a black and grey super fluffy one, a cropped leather vest with a fur front, and the one pictured above, which actually has a knit back!

The best part about fur vests is that you don’t need to break the bank. Fast fashion retailers like H&M and Forever 21 actually do a fantastic job with their faux fur pieces! Below, I’ve linked six finds that are all under $75. They’re all a little different, so go crazy! I personally don’t think you can have too many.


Philosophy Apparel | Faux Fur Vest

C. Luce | Faux Fur Vest

Lace & Grace | Faux Fur Vest

Tart Fyne | Fur Ombre Vest

Forever 21 | Shaggy Fur Vest

Lili | Multi Colored Vest

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