Formulate Giveaway + The Perfect Friendsgiving Sweater


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If you’ve ever had trouble finding a shampoo that works for you, you’re not alone. Standing in the shampoo aisle can be overwhelming — there are so many options! Labels tout promises to make your hair more voluminous or shinier, but it seems that each bottle only has one purpose. I want a shampoo that volumizes, heals my split ends, and reduces frizz, but I’ve never been able to I’ve never been able to find one that does all it. Enter Formlate.

Formulate is a “chemist-to-consumer” company that works with you to create your own custom formula of shampoo and conditioner, factoring in your hair color, type, length, and even your zip code. You take a fun interactive quiz to let the company know your hair type, then pick “hair goals” — things you’d like your hair products to accomplish — and even get to pick your scent and how strong you want the scent to be! For my hair goals, I selected anti-frizz, mend split ends, oil control, lengthen, and volumize. I was skeptical that the shampoo would deliver on all of the above — after all, it was a pretty tall order — but was pleasantly surprised that it checked most of the boxes! I got a haircut halfway into my trial, so I’m not sure how the lengthening will pan out and my split ends were pretty un-mendable before the cut, but I’ve definitely noticed a significant reduction in frizz, volume, and oil control in the two 1/2 weeks I’ve been using the product.

I’m partnering with Formulate to give away one own custom set of shampoo and conditioner — basically all you have to do is submit your name! You get one extra entry for following them on IG 😉 You have until December 1 to enter! Enter here.


This post is a bit of a double whammy, but this look was too good not to share the links to my outfit! My sweater is from Amazon and is a major steal at under $15. The cute boutiques I’ve seen with similar styles are selling them for about $60! The quality is pretty on par with what I was expecting for the price, but it’s held up well in the wash and for such a trendy piece (will distressed still even be in next year?) it’s worth sacrificing super high-quality material for the price! Unfortunately, it’s not eligible for Amazon Prime, but this cardigan comes in the same color scheme if you want instant gratification.

Shop My Look

Sweater | Amazon

Leggings | Spanx (read why I love them here!)

Booties | Steve Madden 

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