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I’m still on cloud nine from my bachelorette party last weekend! If people say your wedding day is your best day ever I can’t even believe it because I truly think last Saturday was my best day ever.

I’m lucky enough to have two amazing Maids of Honor — Shivonne, my meatball and business fraternity brother from JMU, and Sharlene, my first roommate from DC and fellow dog lover — and they planned the most amazing weekend to celebrate.

With people coming in from out of town, I was being a diva and didn’t want to stay in my own apartment so they found an airbnb in Shaw that would sleep the people overnighting it in DC. They picked me up from my apartment Friday night and when I walked into our basecamp for the weekend, they had it completely decked out with engagement ring and champagne balloons! I kept them all and have been grinning at them like a lunatic in the corner of my apartment for the past week. They had also prepared “Bride Tribe” bags with cute hair ties, nail polish, Advil, light up rings, tattoos, and granola bars to hand out to all my gals the next day. I’m not into the over-the-too branded bride stuff, so the balloons and bags were tastefully perfect! They did however, insist on penis straws, but I let that one slide. The funniest thing was the life-size images of Gerald printed out and taped on popsicle sticks! Let’s just say things got weird in the limo with those.

The three of us had a pretty chill night on Friday that consisted of wine, sweetgreen, Moana, and Queer Eye, which was perfect because I’d had a super stressful week and didn’t want to be hungover for the festivities the next day. My childhood bestie Victoria rolled in at 2 am that night, and the rest of the gals showed up bright and early for breakfast (thanks for the spread, Jules!).

I love going to wineries, but since most of them are pretty far from DC, it’s hard to go visit them because you have to have a DD and rideshares out to Leesburg can get pretty pricey. I knew immediately when it came to planning that I wanted to do a winery tour and my MOHs chose Stone Tower and Bluemont for our destinations! They ordered a SUV limo to pick us up from the airbnb and we set off to meet my mom at Stone Tower.

While Stone Tower is arguably one of the prettiest wineries in Virginia, we had a bit of a snafu and almost left because the “bouncer” at the door wouldn’t let us in. Shar had emailed confirming we didn’t need a reservation, but the security guard literally had his arms up, barring us from entering, even after she showed him the email. (Note, we weren’t drunk and didn’t even have any bachelorette paraphernalia with us when this happened.) We eventually found the team member she had been emailing and things were sorted out, but the lack of hospitality was pretty jarring. It makes me sad to say this, especially since I had my engagement photos taken at the property, but after the way the treated us, I don’t think I’ll be back. Aside from that, we posted up with pizzas and a few bottles and had so much fun taking pictures and chatting with my mom.

We said bye to my mom and headed to the gorgeous Bluemont Vineyard about 30 minutes away, which is situated on top of a hill with stunning views. There were a ton of pups and while things started to get a little fuzzy for me around this time, we had perfect weather and loved petting all the dogs and lounging on the patio.

In the most anti-climatic bachelorette fashion ever, we headed back to the airbnb, changed into our comfies, and spent the rest of the night watching Carpool Karaoke and Crosswalk Musicals, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was actually quite amazing to wake up the next morning and not be hungover!

True to my personal brand, we headed to Mission the next day for brunch and margaritas and ended the festivities with rooftop drinks. It was the most perfect weekend ever and I can’t thank my girls enough for throwing such an epic party! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful humans in my life and I’ll forever remember the weekend as one of the best times of my life. Love you all!

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