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I love Richmond, VA. Between its affordable cost of living, quaint neighborhoods, and growing food & beverage scene, it’s at the top of my list for the next move we make. In addition to its restaurant offerings, RVA is also chock-full of independent boutiques and I love going shopping in Carrytown when I go visit friends.

I love shopping at boutiques for a variety of reasons — they’re usually small, woman-owned businesses (an instant gold star in my book) and I love that each piece was hand-selected by someone whose heart and soul has been poured into the shop. Because boutique pieces are so carefully curated, I love knowing that there aren’t hundreds of the same item easily accessible and it makes the pieces I pick up feel extra special. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mass fast fashion retailers, but it just feels good to support smaller stores.

I’d been following Mod&Soul for awhile so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them when they reached out. I instantly added these orange flares to my cart and since Richmond is so close, had them within just a few days. I’d been wanting to try the flares trend for awhile, but just hadn’t bit the bullet, so I’m so glad I did! I think this outfit is SO fun, and I can’t wait to style these pants with a black bodysuit and even possibly a crop top. The high waist and a cropped top is key so that your legs look longer and help accentuate your waist with so much volume on the bottom.

These pants are a litttle big on me, but I still love them. I’m wearing a size Small for reference, and am hoping a little time in the dryer will shrink them. I’m about 5’4.5″ on a good day and I’m wearing 4 inch heels in these pictures, so these are probably best for a taller gal. They do come in a size XS too!

Shop My Look

Pants | Mod&Soul

Turtleneck Crop Top | Vestique (similar)

Booties | LuLu*s (similar)

Jacket | Thrifted, but it’s Forever21 (similar)

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