The Instagram Skirt


The Instagram skirt: You know what I’m talking about — the piece of clothing that follows you around social media constantly until you cave and buy it. Or maybe you’re stronger than me and you don’t buy it, but you always wonder in the back of your mind if you should have and what it would have looked like IRL.

I have been scorned by the Instagram ad purchase before. The dress looked so cute in my feed and was an absolute nightmare when it arrived — I’m talking Pilgrim meets GAP Kids kind of nightmare. Of course, I couldn’t return it because it came from an Asian retailer, even though when I sent them a picture of the dress they replied back with “oh, that is bad.” LOL. I digress.

When I saw this wrap skirt pop up in an Instagram story ad, I thought it was an awesome piece but didn’t think I’d ever be able to pull it off. The second time I saw it I convinced myself that I could figure out a way to style it, and by the third time I was mentally planning to wear it to the opera the following week. I hate to say it, but social media advertising works people.

Whenever I buy something from a retailer I’ve never shopped at before, I always do my research and of course, read the site reviews, but I take it a step further and head to their Instagram page and check their tagged photos. If a retailer is credible, they’ll likely have tons of pictures of real women wearing their clothes and you can determine the quality or sizing you might need from that. I knew I had to press “add to cart’ when I saw how many women were wearing this leopard (cheetah?) skirt! I truly swear by checking the brand’s tagged photos, it hasn’t failed me yet. (I did not check the IG tags on the Pilgrim monstrosity.)

P.S. the igloo pictures are from Bourbon on Ice at The Four Seasons! It’s a super fun experience and it’s running through February! 

Shop My Look 

Skirt | Never Fully Dressed

(wearing a small, probably should have sized down to XS so that the slit showed more without sticking out my leg) 

Bodysuit | American Apparel 

Shoes | LuLu’s

Earrings | Forever 21 

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