One Sweater |Two Ways


At an event a few weeks ago, I was chatting with some fellow bloggers and we got to the topic of re-wearing and repurposing pieces instead of constantly buying new things. During this conversation, Jenn Rogg said something along the lines of liking to do blog posts using pieces she’s already featured because her blog wasn’t a shopping mall, but a place to go to find inspiration on how to mix and match items already in your closet, and it really resonated with me.

As a fashion blogger, There is a lot of pressure to consistently churn out fresh content, which pretty much translates into new looks. While I’m lucky enough to partner with brands that gift me product, having a new outfit for every event or occasion truly isn’t realistic! I try hard to keep my blog relatable and affordable, and after talking with Jenn, I realized I need to show how I re-wear my wardrobe to maintain authenticity and relate to my readers and followers more.

Realistically, I spend around $200 a month (some months less, some months more if I’m going on vacation or it’s the start of a new season) on new clothes (including workwear, athletic clothes, and “fun clothes”), mostly from Amazon, Forever21, or affordable boutiques so I get the best bang for my buck. (My last Forever 21 haul got me 3 sports bras, a chenille sweater, and a suede skirt for $68!) Of course I have my qualms with fast-fashion retailers since the quality is not what you’re getting when you invest in something designer, but since I get bored of items quickly and like to experiment with new trends, it’s cheap and cheerful for me over here!

I digress, in the spirit of trying to make sure I’m creating relatable content, I’m showing how I styled this $25, retro-inspired Forever21 sweater two totally different ways — one look for running errands around the city and one for a date night.

For some reason, this sweater reminds me of the west coast, so I channeled my inner Cali girl and paired the sweater with my trusty boyfriend jeans and western-inspired booties for a day of holiday shopping and picking up our Christmas tree.

The night before, I wore it with a faux leather skirt and OTK boots for a sushi date. If you had told me I’d be wearing a sweater for a date night two years ago I would have laughed in your face because they feel so casual to me, but I loved the way it helped tone down the high heeled boots and shorter skirt.

Let me know if you like the whole “one piece, two ways” thing!

Shop My Look 

Sweater | Forever 21 (similar)

Nearly identical, but in kids’ size if you can pull that off! 

Jeans | GAP

Booties | Vestique (similar) 

Skirt | Free People

(my skirt is from two years ago so I didn’t even know the model styled it similarly!) 

OTK Boots | Amazon

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