Amazon Roundup | Honeymoon Edition

I’m not going to lie, I went a little ham on my Amazon purchases for our Saint Lucia honeymoon. Since our trip was in February, I knew I’d have to resort to online shopping for warm weather clothes and I got nearly all of my new items (sans two dresses) for the honeymoon on Amazon. Luckily, my purchases turned out to be legit! I’ve gotten pretty good at ordering things from Amazon, and my top three tips boil down to this:

  1. Check the reviews — if there’s only one or two reviews, I’ll bypass an item. I take all reviews to heart and especially pay attention to the reviews that have pictures
  2. Look into the return policies — I’ve been burned before on return policies because I didn’t read the fine print. Make sure they accept returns!
  3. Only order Prime — a lot of the overseas retailers where I got the items below have pieces stored in warehouses in the US. If you don’t use Prime you could be waiting for up to a month for something.

Keep going for all the bikinis, obnoxious hats, and cover ups! For reference, I’m 5’4.5″ and weighed 109 lbs at the time these photos were taken. (I don’t like disclosing my weight but I realize it’s important when people are coming to my blog for reviews and trying to gauge sizes off of my comments and images.) 




High-Waisted Black Bikini: okay so the black is no longer listed on the site, but I love the olive and gingham options! I ordered a small and the top fit perfectly thanks to the adjustable tie in the front, but the bottoms were far too big and were lowkey falling off the second I got in the water. I included this really awkward shot that our tour guide took so you could see how the back looks, I’m sorry. I did feel very comfortable in it since it came up so high on my stomach, but honestly I felt like the back looked a little bit like a diaper. The quality was actually really nice though, and the top has adjustable straps! I ended up pairing the top with my new favorite bottoms, below.




Off The Shoulder Leopard Print Bikini: when I bought this swimsuit I literally texted a friend “who do I think I am?” with a picture of it, but it’s my favorite out of the whole bunch! In the link, you can see there’s a tie on the top, but it’s detachable and I thought it looked silly IRL so I didn’t wear it. I only wore the top once on the vacation, but I wore the bottoms twice and will probably wear them the rest of the summer because the fit was SO FLATTERING. I like a cheeky bottom and this was the perfect balance between being scandalous and not feeling too exposed. Since I’m not blessed up top, the top was a little harder for me to wear and it rolled down across my chest and showed the lining, but those who are more fortunate shouldn’t have a problem. I ordered a small in this.

Just Married Hat: this may be the most extra thing I bought, and it was totally impractical. I literally only wore it for pictures because it was so windy on the island that it just blew off every two minutes. That being said, it was super cute and only $15, so why the heck not.



Crochet Cover Up: I was skeptical that I’d wear a coverup (I usually just wear jean shorts and a tank) but oh my gosh, I now know why people do. It was SO easy to throw this on while heading to the pool and I even wore it for one of our excursions. This was great quality for a crochet fabric and while it’s almost a little bit too “boho-y” for me, I really enjoyed having it on the vacation.



Leopard Print Bikini: while this is one of my favorite swimsuits ever, I did have to order two different sizes and mix match them for it to work. I ordered both a small and medium last summer and of course, the small top fit (you can tell it’s a little too big in the pizza picture, even) and the medium bottoms fit the way I wanted them to. The small bottoms fit fine, but I was really looking for the “v” shape the the mediums created, not quite a high-waist fit, but just a higher cut on the hips to help create that tiny waist illusion. (If anyone wants a medium top in this or a small bottom…holla at me. They’re sitting unworn in their packages!) Full disclosure, this scarf lasted 5 minutes in my hair before I got sick of it blowing into my beer.

If you’re looking to buy a swimsuit on Amazon and have any questions, let me know! I’m happy to help comb through reviews or give a second opinion! XX.

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