Fabletics VS lululemon

Shooting fitness pics is HARD and v awkward.

I shared a brief update on Instagram stories a few weeks ago, but in January, I started a new operational job at a series of Orangetheory Fitness franchises! I’ll get more into the details of why I made a career 180 in a later post, but it’s super relevant to this one so had to mention it.

My job is very flexible and allows me the option to work both from my respective OTF studios and home, but when I’m in the studios I wear workout gear — yes, I get to wear leggings and sneakers to the office every day. It’s pretty awesome, but as someone who loves fashion and expressing myself through clothing, I knew I’d have to step up my activewear game — all black outfits everyday just weren’t going to cut it for me.

I love lululemon—their apparel is definitely designed for optimal performance and very high quality—but it gets expensive quickly. I have a handful of bottoms and a jacket from there that I wear on repeat, but knew I couldn’t be shelling out $120 for a pair of leggings every time I needed to curb my fashion cravings. I’d seen Fabletics heavily advertised on Instagram and even on TV, but when I Googled the difference between them and lulu, I couldn’t find a lot of information on how they compared. I bit the bullet and joined their “VIP club” anyways, figuring I could just return everything if I didn’t like it, but I was totally surprised and loved it all! Read on for five things you need to know about Fabletics and how they rank against lulu.


You can either join their VIP Club or shop directly from their site / retail stores without a membership. The VIP membership is what gets you the 2 pairs of leggings for $24 deal on your first purchase, as well as up to 50% off additional items in your first purchase. I got four pairs of leggings and a top for $120 the first time I shopped with them online!

After you join, it’s basically a monthly membership for $49.95. On the first day of each month, they’ll release “new outfits” and you can apply your $49.95 credit towards one of those or use it to purchase a la carte items.

You can cancel your membership at any time and make random purchases throughout the month outside of your $49.59 credit. Being a VIP member also gets you up to 50% off all purchases and access to their rewards program which essentially gives you points in the form of retail dollars for leaving product reviews.


Based on the VIP membership pricing for Fabletics. 


Fabletics: $44.95

lulu: $98 – $110


Fabletics: $30

lulu: $40 – $50

Sports Bras

Fabletics: $25 – $50

lulu: $50 – $70


Fabletics: $50 – $60

lulu: $110


There is no arguing that lulu uses top-notch materials in their products. I wore one pair of their leggings nearly three times a week for a year and I’m still seeing no signs of pilling or loose threads. The materials they use are breathable and soft to the touch, and you can tell it’s a sweat wicking material. Depending on what type of product you’re buying, they usually have a solid compression, but sometimes I want a little more, like in their align leggings (they’re great, but sometimes I feel like they highlight my cellulite because they’re very thin.) I am ALL about compression, I try to order the highest compression in all workout leggings I can and prefer a high waist cut that comes up right my belly button because that’s where my “problem areas” are.

When I got my first Fabletics order, I was surprised at the quality of the leggings, I have the “Powerhold” high waist cut in five pairs and I’m obsessed with the compression. They’re squat proof and super sculpting and hit exactly where I want them to on the waistline. The material though feels a little funky at first, it’s not that sleek, almost shiny fabric I’m used to at lulu, it’s more cotton-y to the touch and they aren’t quite as breathable. I did just try their new trinity fabric, and while that seems more in line with what I’m used to from lulu, it has less compression. The tops I’ve tried are made out of a totally different fabric and have that buttery, almost cool to the touch feel. I just got my first sports bra and jacket in my March shipment so I’m eager to try those out.


In general, I would say lulu runs a little small and Fabletics runs a little big. Below are my sizing breakdowns for reference.


Fabletics: XS

lulu: 4


Fabletics: XS

lulu: 4/6 Sports


Fabletics: S

lulu 4/6


Fabletics: XS but I sized up in my most recent purchase because it’s a cropped sweater

lulu: 4/6


I can’t even answer that question because I love both so much!

I love that Fabletics comes out with new styles every month at an affordable price point and puts together outfits for you. However, if you already have a decent amount of workout clothes or you’re only working out 2-3 times a week, a membership might be overwhelming and clutter your closet. If you live in activewear outside of work or workout 4-6 times a week, it might be a good fit!

If you are just looking to invest in solid workout attire, I’d recommend starting with lulu because their quality is unparalleled and you can go to a brick and mortar store to physically try everything on and get in-person assistance.

Let me know if you try Fabletics and what you think!

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