5 Things to Know About Shopping at Lulus

Well, I didn’t mean to take a two month hiatus from writing blog posts, but it turns out that’s exactly what I did. I was feeling a little uninspired and quite frankly, have been just super busy, but I’m ready to get back on the writing train. Thanks for not bailing on me while I got my act together. ♥️

It seems like eons ago when I started working on a post about Lulus, and I put up an Instagram poll asking if you’d rather read a post about “5 things to know” about shopping with them or a spring/summer review and the votes came out 50/50, so it’s going to be a split post! Without further ado, read one for five things you need to know about shopping at Lulus.

  1. Shipping & returns are not free — the site will frequently have free shipping promos, but returns are only free if you send your items back within 10 days of the delivery date. I’m notorious for taking too long to send items back after realizing I don’t want them, so this constantly gets me when I return items from lulus! Try on items as soon as you get them and get them back in the mail within the same week
  2. Sizing varies – Lulus carries a variety of different brands in addition to their private label and the sizes vary. I’m usually between an XS and S, so I like to order two sizes and then ship back the one that doesn’t fit. Since the site is pretty popular, there are a decent amount of reviews from real people, so I always make sure to check those too for sizing insights
  3. Overall, the quality is good – fair warning, nearly everything comes wrinkled and how a piece of wrinkled clothing looks and fits can make a big difference than something that’s steamed. Yes, it’s a pain to steam something that you might not keep, but I promise it makes a big difference! As with any item of clothing, make sure you read the washing instructions, I always air on the side of caution and air dry my clothes from lulus to avoid shrinkage
  4. Keep an eye out for promo codes – the brand frequently offers 20% off codes for seasonal items and they frequently do “spin the wheel deals” for a chance to win a discount code. It’s worth signing up for their email list so you don’t miss out on sales and promos!
  5. It’s a great place for bridesmaids dresses – my bridesmaids’ dresses were from here and I loved them. They were very affordable (under $100) and many of the dresses come in multiple colors so it’s easy to find a pretty style that matches your color scheme. Of course, I chose one of the most popular dresses and it kept selling out so my girls were basically playing Russian Roulette with the site trying to order their sizes, but it all ended up working out!

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