How We Chose Our Honeymoon

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When it came time to book our honeymoon during the wedding planning process, Gerald literally went “finally, the fun part!” I digress, but he was kind of right — it was the easiest part. We only came up with three top criteria for the trip:

  1. Somewhere warm — as a result we decided to pick a place that was below the equator for optimal tropical weather
  2. All-inclusive — after staring at budgeting spreadsheets for over a year, we wanted to go somewhere where worrying about spending money on drinks and dinner wasn’t a factor outside of the initial resort cost
  3. Relaxing — we’re both fairly active people so we wanted the option to go on excursions, but we also love vegging out on the beach with a good book

I had learned about Sandals resorts from the copious amounts of bridal magazines I consumed over the last year and a half and had heard they were on the reasonably-priced side so I started my search there. At first, Gerald was totally opposed to staying at a Sandals because “he didn’t want to go somewhere he’d seen commercials for” whatever that means. I let him spend a whole weekend researching all-inclusive resorts before he landed on Sandals 😂 (Bonus, Sandals is adults only!)

As for picking Saint Lucia, we really had no reason other than it looked beautiful and it was far enough below the equator to have consistent warm weather! There are three Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia and we went with the Regency La Toc

because according to online reviews, it skews the youngest and it had 9 different dining options and a golf course on the resort (don’t worry ladies, he only played three rounds.)

The resort ended up being a fabulous pick and I would highly recommend it for future honeymooners. It hit all of our criteria and while I did get a little restless towards the end of the trip (both treadmills at the gym were broken and the beach was only about a 1/3 of a mile long) there was plenty to do to entertain yourself both on the resort and through their excursions.

As a vegetarian, I felt slightly limited by my dining options — there was usually only one vegetarian entrée offered for dinner — but it didn’t truly take anything away from the experience and I certainly didn’t go hungry! Gerald definitely got his fill of the unlimited food and I managed to stay on my healthy eating train, despite all of the bottomless drinks. Yes, alcohol was included!

While we probably won’t go back to the exact resort or island, it definitely made us want to book a return trip to the Caribbean!

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