The Blanket Scarf







Blanket scarves have been everywhere this fall and winter, and for good reason. They’re cozy, versatile, and come in a plethora of fun prints and patterns, but there’s one catch; they’re a little tricky to style. I’d held off on picking one up for that sole reason, and then my boyfriend got me one for Christmas. (He takes my blog photos and knows how to pick out a scarf? He’s definitely a keeper.)

I’m not even going to lie, I spent about 30 minutes in the mirror trying to figure out how to put the thing on. They’re huge! I fond that if you fold them into a triangle, they are easier to manage. My favorite look is the traditional scarf drape, but it’s a little hard to do anything except walk down the street with it on because it’s so voluminous.

I love the way the wrap looks, and have seen it styled like this and belted over a dress, which is a great way to add some flair a plain knit dress or just to toss on over your normal outfit in a chilly office.

The easiest way to wear one is by folding it into a long strip and draping it around your neck. This is the least fashion-forward look, but can dress up a plain tee or make an oversize cardigan look more interesting.

Blanket Scarf | Boots and Bourbon

Jeans | Topshop

Sneakers | Converse

Clutch | Forever21




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