Blanket Scarves aka Cute Crumb Catchers

It has been freaking freezing in DC the past few days so I figured there wasn’t a more perfect time to do a blanket scarf roundup than now. The manfriend gave me my first blanket scarf last year for Christmas (you can see how I wore it here) and I’ve definitely been utilizing it this winter. I will admit, blanket scarves are not the easiest item to wear due to their bulkiness (I’ve taken to calling my scarf  “the crumb catcher”) but man are these things warm. Shop some of my favorite picks below! 


  1. Plaid Scarf | Humble Chic NY
  2. Neutral Blanket Scarf | Merona
  3. Color Block Scarf | BooHoo
  4.  Plaid Scarf | Shoptique
  5. Color Block Square Scarf | Forever 21
  6. Leopard Print Blanket Scarf | Urban Outfitters


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