Floppy Hats For The Win


  1. Floppy Hat Faux Leather Trim | Forever 21
  2. Floppy Felt Wool Hat | Forever 21
  3. Wide Brim Fedora Hat | ASOS
  4. Black Wool Hat | H&M
  5. Floppy Wide Brim Hat | Forever 21
  6. Skinny Band Felt Floppy Hat | ASOS
  7. Wide Brim Wool Hat | Forever 21
  8. Floppy Wool Hat | Forever 21

Floppy hats are an iconic fall staple and they’re easier to pull off than you think! I was hesitant to try the trend out, but I’ve grown to love my gray wool hat, styled here and here. I think topping your look with a floppy hat gives it a bit of an effortlessly chic feel, and can liven up a plain outfit. I prefer to pair mine with dresses and booties because my particular hat is a little masculine due to its structure, but I’ve linked some floppier hats above that would work well with both dresses and pants. Pro tip – if your hair gets staticy from wearing a hair, rubbing a dryer sheet on your locks will help get rid of it!


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