Bomber + Bodysuit



Photos by Dennis Turbeville. 

I’ll be perfectly honest, I had no idea how to style this bomber jacket when mine arrived in the mail from SammyDress, and I still don’t know if I know what else to pair it with! Sometimes I view fashion as playing dress up, where I make my look match whatever mood I’m in or whatever type of person I want to be that day, and that’s exactly how this look fell into place.

I had the opportunity to partner with the amazingly talented Dennis Turbeville for this shoot and he suggested that instead of simply taking outfit photos, we form a bit of a storyline around the idea of an art student doing things that art students do – frequenting coffee shops, bookstores, and strolling around hipster hoods (or in this case, Adams Morgan.) The backpack was a no brainer because student, duh, and the rest of the outfit kind of fell into place as I tried to piece together edgy items that wouldn’t compete too loudly with each other.

I had a blast exploring the AdMo neighborhood because it’s not an area that I go to frequently. We met at Songbyrd cafe which doubles as a coffeeshop and record store and has one of the few record recording booths in DC. If I were a student I could definitely see myself hanging out there and drinking all the caffeine. Highly recommend planning a trip to this spot if you’re into listening to vinyls. We also spent some time shooting around the surrounding parks and streets and I was amazed at how pretty the neighborhood was. I associate Adams Morgan with drunken nights on 18th Street, so I’m glad I got the chance to check it out in a totally different state of mind.

We ended our shoot at Idle Times Books which is pretty much everything a used bookstore should be – musty book smell included. It was rather crowded so we didn’t snap too many shots in there, but it was definitely fun to poke around and laugh at some of the absurd titles. Moral of the story – branch out and go spend some time in another neighborhood. I love Shaw so much that I don’t leave it too often, but it’s really eye-opening and fun to explore a new ‘hood.

Side note about bodysuits – If you don’t have one, I suggest getting one stat. I wear this black one almost every other week to go out, if not more. Bodysuits give an extremely streamlined look and are great for achieving a tucked-in style! I pair mine with high-waisted skirts and jeans all the time, and I guess now I rock them with bombers.

Bomber | SammyDress

Bodysuit | American Apparel

Jeans | Forever 21

Booties | Forever 21

Belt | Rose Wholesale

Backpack | Rose Wholesale

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