Savannah Recap


The manfriend and I recently took a quick trip to Savannah, GA for some R&R and had a blast exploring the quaint city. We walked, we ate, and we drank and it couldn’t have been better timing because we left the day after the election. It was definitely nice to be out of the city and not glued to our phone and computer screens reading about the outcome. (#Imstillwithher – politics talk over.)

We decided on Savannah because Gerald is really into history and I’m into the artsy stuff so we figured the city would be the perfect hybrid and it was! A lot of my coworkers went to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) so we were lucky enough to have quite a few recommendations of things to do and places to eat. My blogger bae Caroline also recently took a trip there so she also had some great tips! (You can read her blog post about the city here.) Since we had so many amazing recommendations, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!


  • Moon River Brewing Co. – We ended up here randomly for our first lunch because we wanted to eat somewhere with a patio and it did not disappoint. The brewery is actually located in the former City Hotel – Savannah’s first hotel. Order the sweet potato fries and sit out in the beer garden, it’s adorable!
  • 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant – For our “nice”dinner we went to the historic 17Hundred90 Inn and it was like traveling back in a time machine. The entire restaurant is exposed brick and there was a classical piano player that provided live music throughout the entire dinner. One of the best perks was that the chef created a vegetarian dish just for me and Gerald loved his meal of lamb. The chocolate bomb cake also lived up to its name.
  • Soho South Cafe – This is the cutest little restaurant over. We just sat at the bar because it was packed for brunch, but the main restaurant is impeccably decorated and I basically want my apartment to look like it.


  • The Grey – We stopped into this historic Greyhound station-turned-restaurant for after dinner drinks and everything was amazing, from the branding to the decor to our cocktails.
  • Rocks On The Roof at the Bohemian Hotel – After a day of strolling around the city we went to the boutique hotel’s rooftop bar for views of the river. The drinks were a little pricey but the design and the views were worth it.
  • Saddlebags – We met up with one of my college girlfriends for drinks and she and her boyfriend recommended that we hit up Saddlebags for live country music. It’s definitely not a classy establishment (there’s a mechanical bull) but it was so much fun to dance and sing along with the live brand.


  • SCAD Museum of Art – The SCAD campus sprawls throughout the city and the Museum of Art was something I was adamant about visiting. The contemporary museum’s exhibits rotate constantly and it was fun to interpret the art in our own ways.
  • Jones Street – This quaint street has been voted one of the prettiest streets in the US countless times and it’s easy to see why after you take a stroll down it. It doesn’t get more picturesque than a cobblestone street lined with adorable houses and Savannah’s signature mossy trees.
  • Forsyth Park – We were lucky enough to be staying in a B&B right across the street from this beautiful park so we took a stroll through it each day. Spanning 30 acres, I equated the park to Central Park – full of dogs, people picnicking, playgrounds, and of course its beautiful signature fountain.


  • Fab’rik – I only allowed myself to go into one clothing boutique so I chose wisely. Fab’rik actually has quite a few stores, but the closest one to DC is in Richmond, VA. Walking into the store was like a little kid walking into a candy shop – I wanted everything. Restrain yourself.
  • Paris Market – Located on the “main drag” walking into this shop was a little slice of Paris in the south. The shop is very carefully curated and I could have spent over an hour poking around in it. Bonus points for its adorable Parisian-inspired cafe upstairs.
  • E. Shaver Bookstore – Gerald and I both love reading so we popped into this quaint shop to pick up a new book to read on our B&B’s patio. Complete with bookstore cats and a massive selection of literature, it’s definitely a spot to stop into if you’re a fellow bookworm.

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  1. You had me at chocolate bomb cake. What a great read! I’ll definitely visit those places for sure! Though I might not beable to restrain myself on the shopping part… 😘


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