Possibly My Favorite Look Of 2016


Photography by Dave Mentzer 

This post is way overdue and I apologize for how inappropriate this look is for the season, but I’m obsessed with this outfit and considering it was 60 degrees today, it’s goin’ up. 

First, I’m going to start off by letting you know that I call this “my loin cloth dress, if you had seen me trying to shoot in it with Dave then you would completely understand why. Other than that, thanks to the high slits, this dress has some awesome movement and it’s probably one of my favorite looks that I wore in 2016. I picked this dress up from my favorite spot to shop the sale rack – Urban Outfitters in Chinatown. I rarely buy things full price from Urban Outfitters because unless an item is flying off the shelves, there’s a fair chance it will find its way into the sale rack approximately 6 weeks later. That sounds like a long time to wait, but since the store gets merchandise in ahead of season, there’s a good chance the sundress you spotted in march will be in sale in may when you can actually wear it.

Moving on. I wore this dress for our “fancy dinner night” while the manfriend and I were in Savannah (catch my recap of the trip here) and then out dancing at a country bar. Man was this dress fun to dance in! Alas with dancing in a low-cut dress, you’ve got to make sure that you’re fully covered up too because you don’t want a Janet Jackson a la the Super Bowl happening while you’re twirling (or twerking around). I’m going to let you in on a little secret about how I keep the girls in check when wearing low cut dresses — I swear by petals, more commonly known as pasties. You might feel weird buying them but they are SO easy to stick on, you don’t have to deal with double sided tape, and you can dance the night away without worrying about a nip slip. I order mine off Amazon or pick them up at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Happy dancing the night away, my friends!

Shop My Look

Dress | Urban Outfitters (similar)

Jacket | H & M (similar)

Shoes | Steve Madden

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