Vampy Nail Colors


As soon as the temperatures drop below 60 degrees, my pretty pastel polishes get pushed to the back of my (overflowing) nail polish stash and out come the vampy colors. Blame it on the fact that it gets dark outside at 4 pm, but I’ve always gravitated towards darker polish colors in the fall and winter. My number one go-to winter polish is OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark – the perfect vampy shade that almost looks black until you see it in the light and you can tell that it’s a deep purple – but alas I get bored easily so I do have a few other favorites which I’ve rounded up below! (I do have my eye on CIA, one of the new colors from the DC collection, but I have yet to find it in a store!) 

The reason these are all OPI is because my mom got me a holiday pack a few years ago for Christmas and they were seriously all such perfect shades I haven’t ventured into other polishes! Plus let’s be real, the OPI brushes are some of the best out there. 

Road House Blues (Russian Navy is extremely similar but with more sparkle)

Bullish On OPI

Lincoln Park After Dark 

Visions Of Love

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