New Year’s Fashion Resolutions


For Christmas this year, I paired a red and navy top with black boots — breaking the rule that navy and black don’t go together. Guess what happened? Nothing. Everything was totally fine. No one said anything! This got me thinking, how many style “rules” are out there that we should be breaking? This post originally started out as a list of fashion guidelines that we should toss to the curb in 2017, but then I decided to put together a laundry list of style tips and tricks that I’m trying out in 2017, and would encourage my fellow fashionistas to do the same.

  1. Break the rule that black and navy don’t go together – same goes for black and brown: this outfit is pure evidence that you can mix black and navy together, and mixing black and brown hues together has become one of my favorite combos. I especially like the way cognac, white, and black blend together
  2. Mix patterns more: I love the way that stripes and florals look together, or plaid and polka dots, but I rarely try this trend myself. This year I’m pledging to shake things up and try some pattern mixing to give some life to older pieces in my closet that could use an update
  3. Get fitted and measured for a bra: I’ve never been properly fitted for a bra before and I was sick of constantly tugging at my undergarments or having the cups gape and show through my shirt. Over the holidays, my mom and I went to a boutique that specializes in fittings and man was it worth it. I was completely off on my sizing (so was my mom!) and we walked away with bras that actually fit — it’s amazing how much confidence a properly fitting bra can give you!
  4. Venture out of your comfort zone: I’m not exactly petite (I’m 5’4″) but I was convinced that I couldn’t pull off coulettes because I wasn’t tall or thin enough, but I tried the trend anyways and ended up loving it! You’ll never know if something works for you if you don’t try it
  5. Stop buying clothes with the hopes that “you’ll fit into them if you lose five pounds”: Just stop. I’m so guilty of this and I’m pledging that I’m going to get out of this mindset this year. This is the reason why I have a handful of bodycon dresses with the tags still on them in my closet that are literally just a waste of space and money. Spoiler alert — they haven’t motivated me to get to the gym and they just  make me feel bad about myself
  6. Purge your closet: Number 5 leads me to this resolution, purge the closet. Just do it. You don’t need that neon dress you bought for a frat party in college anymore. You don’t need that slutty (and cheap looking) formal dress from sophomore year that you can only fit an arm into now. Having items like this hanging around takes up valuable closet space and donating our unwanted clothes to charity will make you feel like a better person
  7. Start a skincare routine: I am the worst at offering up beauty tips, but I know that I need to start taking better care of my skin or else I’ll regret it when I’m older. It doesn’t have to be an expensive routine, but find something that works for you and stick with it — I’m good at moisturizing every day but need to start using a toner and legit face wash
  8. Take better care of your clothes: I’m guilty of flinging my clothes on the ground or leaving jewelry around the house, only to end up losing something or turning my garments into a wrinkled mess. This year, I’m vowing to read all of the care instructions on my clothing tags and to take the 3 extra minutes to walk to the end of my apartment and put shoes and jewelry in their proper places
  9. Invest in more high quality pieces:  I love fast fashion just as much as the next girl, but the sad truth is that these pieces don’t hold up as well as ones that are made with higher quality fabrics. True, these items come with higher prices tags, but it’s worth it to invest in things like boots, handbags, denim, and outerwear. I’ve even found that investing in high quality tees makes me want to wear them more!
  10.  Take makeup off before bed: If I go out on the weekends, there’s a fair chance that my head is hitting the pillow before I wash my face and I’m waking up with raccoon eyes and a pillowcase smeared with orange makeup and then paying for it with nasty breakouts the next week. I’m planning on keeping a stash of makeup wipes next to my bed to help fix this issue.

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