Teeth Whitening With Smile Brilliant + Kit Giveaway


I am a huge red wine drinker. I also drink coffee every day, so you can imagine what kind of havoc I put my teeth through! I’ve always thought about whitening my teeth, but I was unsure about what brand and treatment to use. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their whitening trays, I jumped at the chance to brighten my smile.

Smile Brilliant’s whitening kit is as easy and low maintenance as it gets. To whiten your teeth, all you have to do is fill a little tray (kind of like a retainer) with their whitening gel, pop the trays in, let it sit, and you’re done! No messy strips or pens. One of the best parts is that each tray is custom fit to your teeth to ensure that every nook and cranny gets the treatment. (Learn more about why custom trays are the way to go here.) The company ships you these cute little containers filled with a putty-like substance that you mix with a base. The mixture then goes into impression trays that you insert in your mouth to make an imprint. If you ever had braces, you probably had to go through a similar molding process, but trust me this is nowhere near as icky as that! Warning, I couldn’t stop drooling and therefore laughing while I made my molds! Just have a towel nearby to clean up 😉

After you make your molds, you send them back in and within days you have your own little plastic trays that perfectly match your mouth and teeth shape. Unlike retainers, the trays are made of a soft plastic so they’re actually quite comfortable to wear. The whitening kit comes with two different types of syringes, the whitening gel and a desensitizing gel. All you have to do is line your tray with the whitening gel, making sure none of the gel overflows from the tray, and then pop the trays in for about 15-45 minutes. (You can keep them in for up to two hours but I saw great results with minimum time.) Luckily, I don’t have sensitive teeth, so I never had to use the desensitizing gel.

One thing I struggled with was following the rules. The whitening kit is so simple to use that the instructions are a little vague, so hopefully I can shed some light on the dos and don’ts.

DO: floss your teeth and brush with WATER before using the trays
DON’T: brush your teeth with toothpaste before using the gel! I accidentally did one night and then started whitening and my gums were so sore the next day. Luckily, Smile Brilliant has a live customer service chat until 12 PM CST  where you can talk with a representative about any questions you might have. She gave me some tips on how to heal my gums and they were fine in two days

DO: whiten before bed. I used mine while I was in the shower and getting my outfit ready for the next day
DON’T: freak out if you see little white spots on your teeth after removing the trays. The gel slightly dehydrates your teeth as part of the whitening process (it means it’s working!) but the dots will go away by the time you get up in the morning

DO: believe that you will see some pretty quick results! I mean, look at my before and after photos! I whitened about 12 times to achieve these results
DON’T: just take it from me. Check out this amazing transformation from beauty vlogger Dani Mansutti to get another opinion

I’ll definitely be reordering a refill of whitening gel syringes to keep up my new smile! Enter to win your own at home teeth whitening kit simply by filling out this form here: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/districtdamsel

You can also get 5% off your order with the code DISTRICTDAMSEL5Please feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or an email if you want to learn more about the teeth whitening kit!

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant 
Teeth Whitening

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