I’m A Sucker For Black Florals


If you don’t already know, I can’t stop buying black floral dresses. You’ve probably spotted me in this dress, this one, or this one at some point or another and there are easily five more hanging in my closet! I like feminine touches, but am not into super girly things so I like the juxtaposition between the moody colors and flirty print.

I wore this Undeniable Boutique dress on our trip to Seaside and will be breaking it out any more times this summer! Unfortunately, it’s not available online anymore, but I’ve linked 6 amazing options below. Side note: one of my favorite things about Undeniable Boutique is that they only stock a few sizes of each piece they get in, so you’re less likely to see someone wearing the same outfit as you while you’re strolling down the street! On the flipside, it also means that items sell out quickly, so you have to act fast!

  1. Ruffle Fit & Flare Dress | Undeniable Boutique
  2. Pink Floral Dress | Undeniable Boutique
  3. Floral Romper | Pink Lilly Boutique 
  4. Chambers Embroidered Dress | Fabrik
  5. Hawaiian Oasis Maxi | Vestique
  6. Taylor Romper | Whistle & Wild

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