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Growing up, I loved to read. I’d devour books on our summer reading list and could tear through assigned readings in half the time allotted, and I’m so happy it’s something I never outgrew. Gerald is also an avid reader, so we’re constantly comparing reads and always make a point to find a bookstore to stop into while traveling. I alternate between buying physical books, checking them out at the public library, and downloading novels on my iPad, and even did Book of the Month club for a few months!

Below are some of the most recent books I’ve read and recommend checking out or buying yourself!

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Sweetbitter: I’m a stickler about reading books before a TV show or movie comes out, so I picked up a copy of Sweetbitter on our latest trip to Seaside. I usually like the book move than the film adaptation, and the novel didn’t disappoint. I caught myself giggling while reading the pretty relatable book, and highly recommend picking it up before you tune into the Starz show. I’d even consider it my favorite book I’ve read this year!

Desperate Girls: I love a good dark murder book, and Desperate Girls was such a good read that I finished it within 48 hours. The book definitely reads like it could be a TV show, but the lead character is a super strong and smart female and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t develop a crush on the male lead. This is a great pool or beach read!

Along The Infinite Sea: Gerald’s mom actually recommended this book to me and I even passed it along to my mom! It’s a beautifully written story that combines romance with historical fiction, set in the French Rivera during World War 2. I really couldn’t put this one down either.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant: a sister novel to Along The Infinite Sea, I think I fell in love with the firecracker female lead even more than her sister in the first novel. Also a mix of historical fiction and romance, this read is a bit Gossip Girl meets the academic bit  of Hidden Figures.

Every Man A Menace: I picked this up during a book swap at work and it was a welcome refresher from all of the romance novels I’d been reading. Recapping a massive drug raid told from different characters’ perspectives, this is a must-read for Breaking Bad fans. Gerald also gives it a thumbs up!

Wettest County in The World: based on a true story, this novel follows moonshine makers in rural Virginia and the drama that unfolds from being part of an illegal business. While this is definitely more of a masculine read, it’s still pretty good and exposes you to what risky business making alcohol was during Prohibition.

Emma In The Night: another dark murder mystery, this twisted story is a will have you guessing “who done it” throughout the entire book as you follow Emma and her sisters’ disappearance and escape from their kidnappers.

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