Rocksbox Review






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I get a lot of questions about Rocksbox, and I loved my latest box so much that I decided to dedicate a full blog post to it! Rocksbox is a monthly subscription, similar to an Ipsy or BirchBox, but for jewelry. For $19.99 a month, a stylist will send you a box of 3 items, generally a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, with a note on how to pair them. Once you receive the box, you can keep it for as long as you want then either send it back for a new box, or purchase the pieces you like at a discounted price.

Once you sign up for an account, you can make a “Wish List”, and your stylist will use the list as inspiration when she pulls the pieces to send you. I was determined to get this Kendra Scott pendant necklace, so I may or may not have put every color it comes in on my Wish List…

Rocksbox pulls jewels from high end brands such as Loren Hope, Kendra Scott, and House of Harlow. I love getting my monthly box because 1) who doesn’t love surprises in the mail and 2) I always get pieces that I would not have necessarily picked up off the shelf, but love as soon as I get them in my box.

If you’re interested in trying out your own Rocksbox, I can hook you up with your first month for free! Just use the code SARAHBFF994 when you sign up! You can sign up here –

“The Dress” Makes Its Debut






The final day of DC Fashion Week was the Couture Fashion Show at the gorgeous Carnegie Library, and requested cocktail attire. Last January, I purchased one of the most beautiful pieces I had ever laid eyes on, and decided that this was the event that it would make its debut.

I first saw the dress with my friend Macy at a Nomad Yard, a collectiv of vintage pieces, antiques, and items from rising designers. The dress was hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the space, so I could only admire it from afar, but remember pointing it out to Macy and telling her that the dress was fabulous. We left the collectiv without trying anything on or purchasing anything, but a week later I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I went back and did the unthinkable – I tried it on. As soon as Nomad Yard’s owner zipped it up on me I knew I was going to have to get it, it was like the dress was made for me. I left the store dressless, feeling beside myself after learning the hefty price tag that the beautiful garment came with was almost half of my monthly rent, but went to work Googling everything I possibly could about the piece.

The dress is a David Fielden, made in London in 1980 for a line of cocktail dresses exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue. The neckline is hand embroidered with beading and pearls, the bodice has boning, and the crushed velvet skirt is supported by a layer of crisp burgundy crinoline, it’s a gorgeous garment and the photos don’t even do it justice.

A few days later and hours of phone calls seeking advice from friends, I realized that I would never be able to find this dress again, especially in my size, I caved, negotiated with the owner on pricing, and handed over my AmEx. Aside from the hole in my wallet, I’m in love with the dress and convinced that no other dress will ever live up to it, except maybe my wedding dress if that day ever comes. Even though it’s extremely flashy, I’m planning on getting as much use out of it as possible, and then passing it along to my daughter so it can stay in the family, because as far as I’m concerned, this dress is a piece of art!

My Outfit 

Cocktail Dress | Nomad Yard

Clutch |Enzo Angiolini

Heels | LuLus 

Bracelet | Kate Spade 

Allie’s Outfit 

Dress | ML Monique Lhuillier

Heels | Steve Madden

Clutch | Vintage Chanel (borrowed from my mom’s closet)

DC Fashion Week







I have always been a massive fan of suede, and searched high and low for this 70s inspired button down skirt! No, seriously, I spent an hour and a half in Forever21 at Metro Center digging through racks till I found it. My top is actually a crop top, but I wish it had been a little bit longer because I was constantly tucking it back into my skirt, but it worked for most of the night until I forced my boyfriend to salsa dance with me at Provisions later that night…

Anyways, I loved this outfit so much when I put it together that I wanted to save it for something special, so I kept it tucked away in my closet till DC Fashion Week. DC is many things, but it is not celebrated for its fashion like its older cousin, NYC. That being said, I went into DC Fashion Week with an open mind, and had although it was no NYFW, I still had fun sipping cocktails and champagne with my dear friend who was sweet enough to tag along with me.

DC Fashion Week is indeed, a week long event, with the final two days hosting a Emerging Designers Fashion Show (which is what I wore this look to) and then a Couture Show (blog post to come). My friend and I got our tickets off LivingSocial and were pretty disappointed with how our tickets were presented online; we were supposed to have priority seating for both events, and ended up sitting rows away from the runway, which is why I don’t have any decent pictures from the show (if you follow me on Snapchat I’m sure you saw tons of videos), and overall, the event was pretty disorganized. I’m definitely glad I got to experience it, but I think it’s safe to say that I probably won’t be attending next year. Until then, I’ll keep stalking Instagram for Milan Fashion Week for my high fashion fix 😉

Suede Skirt | Forever21

Mock Turtleneck Crop | H&M

Heels | Steve Madden

Clutch | South Moon Under 

Refine Boutique











I had the opportunity to visit Refine Boutique this weekend and had an amazing time browsing the showroom’s carefully curated racks and chatting with the adorable and business savvy owner, Tanya. The boutique is a niche operation; it’s a personalized shopping experience and you can book an appointment in either the chic showroom, or have the experience brought to you in your own home. The business model behind the boutique understands that their customer wants unique items, but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of purchasing items online and then waiting for them to arrive in the mail, or even worse, having them not fit or look as good in person as they did online. The showroom shelves are filled with beautiful pieces from brands like Show Me Your MuMu, AG, and Blue Life, brands that are not easily found in DC and stand out from the typical DC chain stores. Tanya took the time to understand my personal style, and was full of suggestions for pairing the boutique’s pieces with items that I already owned. I ended up getting an adorable skater dress that I already know I’m going to live in (post to come soon of it!) and if I had an unlimited budget, would have gone crazy because I loved literally every article of clothing in the space. Coming soon, you’ll have the chance to go on Refine’s website, and select pieces that you want brought to you, so you can shop in your own home! The best part is you don’t have to pay extra for the stylist services; the perfect experience for a busy girl. I’ll definitely be visiting the boutique again and highly recommend visiting it if you’re looking for high quality, unique pieces! You can visit their website here, or book your own personal appointment at

Jeans | Topshop

Sweater | H&M

Mules | Target (similar

Clutch | Forever 21

Wedding Season

















I’ve reached the age where it seems that every time I go on Facebook, another one of my acquaintances has gotten engaged! With all the engagements comes weddings, and this was the first summer I got to attend some that weren’t just for family friends, so I had a lot of questions about what was appropriate to wear, gift, etc. This weekend I was a guest at my coworkers’ wedding on a quaint farm in Purcellville, VA, and as you can tell from my photos, it was picture perfect and an absolutely beautiful celebration of love. (Cue the tears. And yes, I cried multiple times throughout the night.) The McCain wedding was a true reflection of the bride and groom, which is what made it such a fantastic night. The groomsmen were dapper in jeans and suspenders, the bridesmaids selected their favorite blush dress from Anthropologie’s wedding line, and of course, the bride was a vision in a gorgeous lace dress and jewel encrusted belt. There was even a s’mores station set up alongside a fire pit outside! The event was just the right blend of sentimental and casual, and everyone had a great time dancing and drinking after the ceremony.

As a newcomer to attending weddings, I thought I’d shed some light on what I’ve learned from the ones I’ve been invited to this summer.

  • Do wear waterproof mascara (I’m a total sap and cry at everything emotional, so waterproof mascara has been a lifesaver)
  • Do pack deodorant in your clutch or bag, especially if the ceremony is outside
  • Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses if the event will be outside
  • Do iron your outfit prior to 5 minutes before walking out the door
  • Do wear wedges or fancy sandals if the venue is set outside, grass + heels do not mix well
  • Do have Advil handy for the next day, there’s lots to celebrate so the drinks will be flowing!
  • Do go on the registry early for your gift before everything has already been gifted
  • Do eat during the event! I made the mistake of not eating at a wedding because I was so self conscious about my form fitting dress and I was a mess the next day
  • That being said, do wear something you’re comfortable in! It’s no fun to constantly tug at your dress or not be able to dance because your shoes are too small

Weddings are a celebration of friends, family, and love, so don’t get stressed out about having the perfect outfit or not knowing everyone. The bride and groom just want everyone to have a good time and share their special day with them 🙂

Dress | Forever 21

Wedges | Forever 21

Clutch | Lou Lou

Sushi Date Night






This look may be one of my favorite date night looks I’ve worn to date! For a casual sushi dinner date at Sushi Aoi (they have an amazing happy that goes till 8:00 pm!), I opted for an edgy and comfortable outfit for one of the first cool nights of fall. I’m not usually one for wearing graphic tees outside of my apartment, but it felt appropriate to wear a New York graphic tank as a nod to New York Fashion Week. Dressed up with accessories from my latest Rocksbox, my favorite strappy heels, and a fringe clutch, the tank felt more glam than gym attire.

Tank | Forever 21

Boyfriend Jeans | GAP

Heels | Steve Madden

Clutch | South Moon Under 

Necklace | Jenny Bird

Ear Climbers | Gorjana

DC Sports Style






Labor Day Weekend is the “official end of summer”, so naturally I had to squeeze in one last Washington Nationals baseball game. An off the shoulder top and cutoff shorts are the perfect solution to the DC dog days of summer while drinking brews and cheering on the Nats.

Off the shoulder tops were my go-to top for casual summer events, and my favorite spot to find them was from online boutique retailer, LuLus’s. I was able to snag this top on sale at the end of last summer for a mere $12.00! Take advantage of this weekend’s Labor Day Sales to stock up on summer classic staples for tropical vacations and next summer. Urban Outfitters, South Moon Under, and of course, my favorite budget friendly stores, H&M, and Forever 21 are all having awesome LDW sales. Happy shopping!

Sandals | BCBG

Clutch | South Moon Under

Shorts | H&M

Top | LuLus

A Nod To Elle Woods





Too often, people associate professional dress with boxy blazers and boring button-ups. Please don’t let this be your inspiration for getting dressed for work in the morning. One of my favorite things about getting ready for work is finding ways to mix my “regular” pieces with “work appropriate” items. I want my office style to be consistent with my personal style, which can be a tricky balance, but a fun challenge.

I work in an office that allows for flexible dressing, jeans are fine when you’re at your desk all day, but you better look sharp if you’re client facing. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, although I have a marketing role, I do sit at the front desk in the office, so I tend to select outfits that veer towards the business casual side versus pure casual. My ultimate goal is to let my personal style show through, but not look unprofessional in front of a client.

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde was the master of professional dress without sacrificing her sense of style, so I can’t help but feel like I’m giving a nod to her with this ensemble in her signature shade of pink. The trick to pulling off an outfit this vivid in he workplace is the structured pieces and being covered up on top although I’m showing lots of leg. You won’t catch this girl in a boring black suit anytime soon 😉

Blazer | love…andy

Tank | h&m

Skirt | Forever 21

Wedges | Enzo Angiolini

Bracelet | h&m

The Quest for White Jeans






The quest for white jeans is a long, frustrating, and slightly self-deprecating journey. I outgrew my favorite white jeans after college (thanks senior year for those extra pounds) and couldn’t bring myself to embark on the search for a new pair for almost two years. If you love jean shopping, I envy you (and also need to start going to the gym with you), because everyone knows that it’s a difficult process. Two pairs of jeans from the same brand and in the same size can have completely different fits, even though they look identical, and don’t even get me started on fitting room mirrors.

I finally bit the bullet, and four months and 24 pairs of jeans later, found the perfect pair of white pants from Topshop. When searching for white jeans, I think that the transparency of the fabric is the biggest thing you have to be wary of. Make sure that you look at the jeans in different lights (inside and outside the fitting room and in natural light if you can) to ensure that they aren’t see-through and do not highlight any spots you don’t want to be seen (my biggest problem was finding jeans that didn’t show cellulite through them). I prefer my jeans to have stretch in them, so it was difficult to find pants that were thick enough, yet still allowed me to eat a burrito and not have to unbutton them at my desk.

These MOTO Jamie Topshop jeans are the holy grail of white pants and probably the only pair of jeans I don’t hate wearing! The super soft cotton has a great stretch that allows a few wears before they begin to get saggy in the knees and bottom. (But let’s be real, it’s really hard to keep white jeans clean for more than two wears.) Perfect for petite girls, Topshop jeans come in multiple lengths, so that you don’t have to cuff them unless that’s the look you desire. A high-waist cut eliminates any chance of accidental muffin top, and is perfect for professional environments to avoid any midriff peekage.

Peplum | Romeo & Juliet Couture

Jeans | Topshop

Pumps | Aldo

The Chic Shack DC Bloggers Brunch









The Chic Shack is a quaint, consignment shop tucked amid bars and bistros on the second story of a row house on H Street in Northeast, DC. The boutique invited local bloggers for mimosas, networking, and of course, browsing their carefully curated racks for vintage steals. The Chic Shack is managed by a fashionista named Domencia, who is as sweet and hospitable as she is stylish, and has been operating the store for a little over a year in the up and coming H street corridor.

I mentioned a few of my favorite consignment shops in a previous post, but one thing that sets The Chic Shack apart from other thrift stores, is that it also offers brand new items, personally selected by Domencia, allowing style seekers to mix and match vintage and current pieces. The Chic Shack’s pieces are reasonably priced and they receive designer items such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and I even spotted a pair of Louboutins, but at prices a broke mid-twenties girl can afford! I had an awesome time connecting and chatting with fellow bloggers as we perused the shop’s collection and will definitely be venturing back! You can follow the store on Instagram and Facebook to see what pieces they have available.

For the event, I paired one of my favorite skater dresses with newly acquired mules and a handmade Italian leather clutch I got with my family on our Eurotrip.

Dress | ASOS (similar) 

Heels | Target (no longer available, but similar)

Clutch | Fuoco Aria Acqua