Bodysuit Basics


You know you’re obsessed with an outfit when you wear it three times in one month — this was totally one of those looks. My mom got me this suede jacket for Christmas and it’s been an awesome alternative to my standard leather moto jackets. I wore this exact outfit to an event hosted by Angelica of Angelica in the City, to a Fruition concert in Aspen, and most recently to a going away party for a friend who’s traveling abroad. 

I think the reason I like this look so much is because of its simplicity. Something about the clean lines and the way black and cognac pair together make me feel so chic. One of the things that makes this look so streamlined is because my top is actually a bodysuit! When bodysuits first came out, I thought they were so weird. I grew up wearing a leotard every day for ballet so I guess I had a natural aversion to them, but they’ve easily become one of my favorite go-to pieces (I have 5 and just got 2 new ones in the mail this week!). 

Bodysuits are extremely flattering because they eliminate any bulges you might get from tucking your shirt in and if you buy the right kind, they sort of suck you in. Plus not having to worry about constantly tucking your shirt into your skirt waistband is amazing! Since I was so inadvertent to the trend but am now obsessed with them, I wanted to share some tips with you on how to pick out and style a flattering leo. 

  • Seek out high quality fabric – just like bodycon dresses, bodysuits are very form fitting so you want to look for  a thicker fabric that skims over your curves. Although they recently closed their D.C. locations, American Apparel is my go-to for leos with quality material that almost act as Spanx! 
  • Cut is key – I cannot stand underwear lines, so I always look for bodysuits that either have a thong or cheeky cut. This is probably TMI, but for my leos that have a bikini cut, I just hike them up into a makeshift thong. Not as streamlined, but it does the trick!
  • Look for snap closures on the bottom – I know this sounds weird, but as someone who constantly wears jumpsuits, rompers, and leos on nights out, I’ve had my fair share of awkward bathroom trips and I promise you’ll thank you me later. Snap closures make using the bathroom while wearing a bodysuit 100 times easier and you won’t even notice them while you’re wearing it 
  • Wear the right undergarments – I’m getting all up in here with my TMI today, but I always ditch the underwear when wearing bodysuits. The majority of my bodysuits are cut higher on the thigh so wearing undies just adds an awkward layer of lace peeking out of the bottom, but to each their own! Wearing the right kind of bra is also very important. You’re wearing this streamlined item so keep it that way by making sure your bra straps aren’t hanging out. If I’m going braless, I use pasties, or if I want more coverage, I pull out my trusty sticky boobs (I linked my two favorite kinds of pasties and sticky boobs here.) 

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