Blast From the Past | My New Favorite Spot for Casual Tops


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Top | American Eagle (on sale for $23)

Jeans | Madewell (on sale for $70!)

Shoes | Nordstrom (on sale for $50)

The secret’s out, I’ve been shopping at my high school retailer again, and no it’s not Abercrombie — I’ve been loving American Eagle lately. I’ve always been a fan of aerie, but stopped shopping at their sister store once I went to college. After I started hitting up Pentagon City Mall, aka The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, this year, I’ve been gravitating towards the store for its super soft tees and fun printed blouses.

I work in a very casual office — ripped jeans and Converse are the norm — so I’m able to get away with wearing pretty much anything I want. American Eagle’s fabrics hold up better than my beloved fast fashion retailer brands’, and I like that not everyone in my office or on my Instagram feed is wearing the same pieces I’ve bought from there! AE’s tops are perfect for work too because they come in fun patterns with interesting details, like the smocked detailing and square neckline on my top in this post, but they aren’t revealing.

I’ve been living in a camo t-shirt I got it this summer, pictured in green below, and even got a camo tee in a long sleeve thermal version. 

I also picked up this black floral print blouse at the start of fall and a navy printed, boho-y blouse, similar to the one below. They’re super easy to wear and look great paired with jeans without any extra styling, perfect for pulling together an outfit when I’m running out the door to work.

The retailer has tons of flash sales, all of these blouses are under $30 and if you choose to shop online you can order items from both aerie and AE in one fell swoop. Now that I’ve rediscovered my high school retailer, I don’t think I’ll be stopping shopping there any time soon.

Formulate Giveaway + The Perfect Friendsgiving Sweater


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If you’ve ever had trouble finding a shampoo that works for you, you’re not alone. Standing in the shampoo aisle can be overwhelming — there are so many options! Labels tout promises to make your hair more voluminous or shinier, but it seems that each bottle only has one purpose. I want a shampoo that volumizes, heals my split ends, and reduces frizz, but I’ve never been able to I’ve never been able to find one that does all it. Enter Formlate.

Formulate is a “chemist-to-consumer” company that works with you to create your own custom formula of shampoo and conditioner, factoring in your hair color, type, length, and even your zip code. You take a fun interactive quiz to let the company know your hair type, then pick “hair goals” — things you’d like your hair products to accomplish — and even get to pick your scent and how strong you want the scent to be! For my hair goals, I selected anti-frizz, mend split ends, oil control, lengthen, and volumize. I was skeptical that the shampoo would deliver on all of the above — after all, it was a pretty tall order — but was pleasantly surprised that it checked most of the boxes! I got a haircut halfway into my trial, so I’m not sure how the lengthening will pan out and my split ends were pretty un-mendable before the cut, but I’ve definitely noticed a significant reduction in frizz, volume, and oil control in the two 1/2 weeks I’ve been using the product.

I’m partnering with Formulate to give away one own custom set of shampoo and conditioner — basically all you have to do is submit your name! You get one extra entry for following them on IG 😉 You have until December 1 to enter! Enter here.


This post is a bit of a double whammy, but this look was too good not to share the links to my outfit! My sweater is from Amazon and is a major steal at under $15. The cute boutiques I’ve seen with similar styles are selling them for about $60! The quality is pretty on par with what I was expecting for the price, but it’s held up well in the wash and for such a trendy piece (will distressed still even be in next year?) it’s worth sacrificing super high-quality material for the price! Unfortunately, it’s not eligible for Amazon Prime, but this cardigan comes in the same color scheme if you want instant gratification.

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Sweater | Amazon

Leggings | Spanx (read why I love them here!)

Booties | Steve Madden 

#CollieDogUnleashed | My Bachelorette Party

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Dress | Vici

Boots | Steve Madden

Bride Tattoo | Amazon (lol)

I’m still on cloud nine from my bachelorette party last weekend! If people say your wedding day is your best day ever I can’t even believe it because I truly think last Saturday was my best day ever.

I’m lucky enough to have two amazing Maids of Honor — Shivonne, my meatball and business fraternity brother from JMU, and Sharlene, my first roommate from DC and fellow dog lover — and they planned the most amazing weekend to celebrate.

With people coming in from out of town, I was being a diva and didn’t want to stay in my own apartment so they found an airbnb in Shaw that would sleep the people overnighting it in DC. They picked me up from my apartment Friday night and when I walked into our basecamp for the weekend, they had it completely decked out with engagement ring and champagne balloons! I kept them all and have been grinning at them like a lunatic in the corner of my apartment for the past week. They had also prepared “Bride Tribe” bags with cute hair ties, nail polish, Advil, light up rings, tattoos, and granola bars to hand out to all my gals the next day. I’m not into the over-the-too branded bride stuff, so the balloons and bags were tastefully perfect! They did however, insist on penis straws, but I let that one slide. The funniest thing was the life-size images of Gerald printed out and taped on popsicle sticks! Let’s just say things got weird in the limo with those.

The three of us had a pretty chill night on Friday that consisted of wine, sweetgreen, Moana, and Queer Eye, which was perfect because I’d had a super stressful week and didn’t want to be hungover for the festivities the next day. My childhood bestie Victoria rolled in at 2 am that night, and the rest of the gals showed up bright and early for breakfast (thanks for the spread, Jules!).

I love going to wineries, but since most of them are pretty far from DC, it’s hard to go visit them because you have to have a DD and rideshares out to Leesburg can get pretty pricey. I knew immediately when it came to planning that I wanted to do a winery tour and my MOHs chose Stone Tower and Bluemont for our destinations! They ordered a SUV limo to pick us up from the airbnb and we set off to meet my mom at Stone Tower.

While Stone Tower is arguably one of the prettiest wineries in Virginia, we had a bit of a snafu and almost left because the “bouncer” at the door wouldn’t let us in. Shar had emailed confirming we didn’t need a reservation, but the security guard literally had his arms up, barring us from entering, even after she showed him the email. (Note, we weren’t drunk and didn’t even have any bachelorette paraphernalia with us when this happened.) We eventually found the team member she had been emailing and things were sorted out, but the lack of hospitality was pretty jarring. It makes me sad to say this, especially since I had my engagement photos taken at the property, but after the way the treated us, I don’t think I’ll be back. Aside from that, we posted up with pizzas and a few bottles and had so much fun taking pictures and chatting with my mom.

We said bye to my mom and headed to the gorgeous Bluemont Vineyard about 30 minutes away, which is situated on top of a hill with stunning views. There were a ton of pups and while things started to get a little fuzzy for me around this time, we had perfect weather and loved petting all the dogs and lounging on the patio.

In the most anti-climatic bachelorette fashion ever, we headed back to the airbnb, changed into our comfies, and spent the rest of the night watching Carpool Karaoke and Crosswalk Musicals, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was actually quite amazing to wake up the next morning and not be hungover!

True to my personal brand, we headed to Mission the next day for brunch and margaritas and ended the festivities with rooftop drinks. It was the most perfect weekend ever and I can’t thank my girls enough for throwing such an epic party! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful humans in my life and I’ll forever remember the weekend as one of the best times of my life. Love you all!

Books To Put on Your Reading List



Growing up, I loved to read. I’d devour books on our summer reading list and could tear through assigned readings in half the time allotted, and I’m so happy it’s something I never outgrew. Gerald is also an avid reader, so we’re constantly comparing reads and always make a point to find a bookstore to stop into while traveling. I alternate between buying physical books, checking them out at the public library, and downloading novels on my iPad, and even did Book of the Month club for a few months!

Below are some of the most recent books I’ve read and recommend checking out or buying yourself!

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Top | Amazon 

Shorts | H&M

Socks | American Eagle (similar)

Sweetbitter: I’m a stickler about reading books before a TV show or movie comes out, so I picked up a copy of Sweetbitter on our latest trip to Seaside. I usually like the book move than the film adaptation, and the novel didn’t disappoint. I caught myself giggling while reading the pretty relatable book, and highly recommend picking it up before you tune into the Starz show. I’d even consider it my favorite book I’ve read this year!

Desperate Girls: I love a good dark murder book, and Desperate Girls was such a good read that I finished it within 48 hours. The book definitely reads like it could be a TV show, but the lead character is a super strong and smart female and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t develop a crush on the male lead. This is a great pool or beach read!

Along The Infinite Sea: Gerald’s mom actually recommended this book to me and I even passed it along to my mom! It’s a beautifully written story that combines romance with historical fiction, set in the French Rivera during World War 2. I really couldn’t put this one down either.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant: a sister novel to Along The Infinite Sea, I think I fell in love with the firecracker female lead even more than her sister in the first novel. Also a mix of historical fiction and romance, this read is a bit Gossip Girl meets the academic bit  of Hidden Figures.

Every Man A Menace: I picked this up during a book swap at work and it was a welcome refresher from all of the romance novels I’d been reading. Recapping a massive drug raid told from different characters’ perspectives, this is a must-read for Breaking Bad fans. Gerald also gives it a thumbs up!

Wettest County in The World: based on a true story, this novel follows moonshine makers in rural Virginia and the drama that unfolds from being part of an illegal business. While this is definitely more of a masculine read, it’s still pretty good and exposes you to what risky business making alcohol was during Prohibition.

Emma In The Night: another dark murder mystery, this twisted story is a will have you guessing “who done it” throughout the entire book as you follow Emma and her sisters’ disappearance and escape from their kidnappers.

Fall Bucket List


I cannot believe it’s fall again — it feels like just yesterday we were returning from our trip to Asheville! Although this fall is packed — G and I both have our bachelorette and bachelor parties, we’re doing holidays together for the first time, and really starting to crack down on wedding planning — I still wanted to make a bucket list of things I would like to do this season. Since our schedules are already filling up fast with wedding-related shenanigans, I’ve sneakily been planning my weekends around things that I knew would make it on the list! Read on for my fall bucket list.

  • Go on a hike – as a James Madison Alum and a Northern Virginia local, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never hiked the Shenandoah mountains — my only real hikes have been in other states! Surprisingly, there are tons of places close to DC where you can get some fresh air and take in the foliage. This weekend, one of my besties and I are taking her pup to hike the Billy Goat Trail, which allows dogs on sections B and C. She’s just scooping me from the McLean metro stop and it’s only a 10 minute drive from there! Of course there’s always Harper’s Ferry, the C&O Canal Trail, and Rock Creek Park.


  • Visit a winery: I’m lucking out with this item because my Bach party is actually taking a bus out to two wineries! We’re hitting up Stone Tower Winery and Bluemont Vineyard, but I’m also hoping to stop into Veritas in Charlottesville when we go see Gerald’s family at Thanksgiving


  • DIY Halloween costumes: Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, blame it on growing up as a dancer, but I love dressing up and thinking of creative costume ideas. I spent way too long making Gerald’s Dalmatian costume last year so it’s definitely being repurposed in a fun way this year, and I found a pair of shorts while rummaging through my dresser that are going to make the perfect tribute to my current favorite Netflix show.


  • Get into yoga: I’ll be honest, yoga isn’t my favorite way to exercise but whenever I take a class I always feel so much calmer and dare I say, centered? As shit gets real with the wedding planning chaos, I want to commit to going to a class once a week to help with the stress.


  • Catch a live show: It’s been a hot sec since I went to a live music show — I honestly can’t even remember the last concert I saw! I’ve been itching to get to The Anthem, but also love the traditional venues like 9:30 club and Rock N’ Roll Hotel.


  • Closet Clean Out: as always, I’m planning to purge my closet when I swap out my summer items for fall clothes. I got $55 off of my last ThredUp bag! Not too shabby. I’m also trying to tackle changing all of Gerald’s wire hangers out for nice space saving velvet ones. Wish me luck!

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Top: Forever21 (similar & similar)

Pants: TopShop

Shoes: LuLus

Transitional Dress from Amazon


There’s a reason you’ve probably seen this button down, ruffle dress in your Instagram feeds already, it’s the perfect transitional piece for fall!

In DC, the changing of the seasons is pretty bonkers. It’s October 10 and as I’m writing this I’m sitting in the Metro sweating from running around Bethesda trying to find a clients’ office — things that should not be happening when we’re busy buying pumpkins and planning our Halloween costumes. I can’t remember who posted this on Instagram the other day, but they captured it perfectly — fall in DC means a sweater in the morning and sweat on your upper lip come noon.

I digress. As you guys know, I’ve been loving shopping on Amazon lately. (You can catch some of my favorite finds here and here.) I had seen this dress on the site a few times but didn’t bite the bullet until I saw it on Jenn Rog’s Instagram, but as soon as she vouched for it I clicked “make purchase” in my cart. As a blogger, I’ve come to truly value my peer’s opinions when it comes to making purchases and they’re always willing to answer any questions I might have about a product or piece of clothing! If you ever have a question about something I’m sharing, I’m always happy to give a candid and honest opinion, whether it’s something on stories or featured in a post!

This dress is great because it’s super lightweight and while it looks short in the pictures, it’s actually totally appropriate for work and passes the fingertip test. You will likely have to steam or iron the heck out of it when it arrives, but that’s expected when you receive inexpensive clothes in the mail. It didn’t wash as well as I had hoped (I shot this when it was my second time wearing it) and I had tried to iron out the wrinkles, but I think a steamer would do a much better job. Ashlee from Cobalt Chronicles also has it in the orange/red color and as she pointed it, it does have functioning buttons!

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Dress | Amazon 

Booties | Vestique (similar)

Clutch | South Moon Under (similar)

Date Night in the District


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I am two things — extremely type A and a creature of habit. While I love trying and experiencing new things, it’s hard not to stick to places we already know and love when it comes to planning a date night. To inspire us to get out of our comfort zone and venture somewhere other than our tired and true spots, the control freak in me made a Google Doc with all of the places I want to try in the city, complete with the type of cuisine the restaurant serves and down-to-the-minute details of how long it would take to get there from our apartment — both in terms of walking and hailing a ride share. Like I said, I’m a control freak.

The doc has come in handy quite a few times when trying to figure out where to go with friends, which is exactly how we ended up at District Winery for our latest double date. I just sent the doc to our friends and had them pick since I knew I’d be happy with any of the choices!

If you don’t have a dining bucket list, consider this your jumping off point and start your own! Below are some of our favorite spots to go, and you can always check out my main DC Dining Guide for more inspiration!

If You’re Feeling “Sceney” | District Winery

Situated in Navy Yard,  the winery has a tasting bar and full-service restaurant and doubles as an event venue. We kicked off the evening with a wine tasting (orange wine is actually amazing!) and then had a great meal at their restaurant Ana. Head over to Bluejacket Brewery after dinner if you want to continue your evening!

If You’re Too Tired To Go Out | Beau Thai + Netflix

I knew I had a problem when I added Beau Thai as a contact in my phone. Gerald and I order from here at least once a week — usually right before we settle in for a few episodes of whatever show we’re watching (this month, it’s Ozark Season 2). We’re lucky enough to live right around the corner from the traditional Thai spot, but they also have a location in Mount Pleasant and deliver! I always go for the Pad Pik King Tofu and G alternates between the Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles.

If You Want a Traditional Date Night | Ghibellina + a movie

While we love our Netflix shows, we actually prefer to go to the movies! I got us MoviePasses in the spring and one of our favorite things to do is hit up Ghibellina’s happy hour and then walk it off by catching a flick at E Street Cinema or Atlantic Plumbing. Ghibellina has happy hour every day and they have pizzas on their happy hour! We both can eat a lot, so we usually order our own pizzas, but the walk to the movie theater (about a mile each way) helps us feel less guilty.

For When You Want a Good Meal and Solid Service | Red Hen

Red Hen is one of my top three favorite restaurants in the city and we love bringing our friends here. My dad is a super picky eater and even he loved it! Red Hen’s menu changes seasonally and I’ve never tried something I didn’t like there. They always have one vegetarian pasta on the menu (obvi my order) and the burratta appetizer is always the first thing we ask for.

If you want to relive my birthday for the last three years 😊| Lauriol Plaza + happy hour at The Riggsby

I know it’s not chic or forward-thinking, but Lauriol Plaza is seriously my favorite restaurant in the city. Every year for my birthday I ask that Gerald takes me to happy hour at The Riggsby (a 1960s-inspired supper club in Dupont Circle) and then we walk over to Lauriol Plaza for dinner and a pitcher of margs. The Riggsby’s happy hour is on point — I literally think about their gimlets on the regular — and it has a fun yet intimate vibe despite being in a hotel.

Fall Ready Event | Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

I am a summer girl through and through, but I have to admit, I do get excited about fall because the changing of the seasons is a great excuse to fuel my shopping addictions. While I default to the fast-fashion shops around Metro Center when I need a quick retail therapy fix, nothing beats a full mall shopping experience. Sure, the crowds can be overwhelming, but having a plethora of shops, brands, and food all in the same space is actually quite the treat.

You’ve heard me talk about how I grew up going to the Pentagon City Mall, now dubbed the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, and I truly mean it when I say that it’s a serious gem that Washingtonians need to take advantage of. Even though the Fashion Centre is across state lines, once you hop on the yellow or blue line it’s an insanely easy Metro ride — and parts of it are even above ground! (Looking at you coworkers who are scared of the underground.) I left my office on Pennsylvania Ave last night at 5:50 pm and was walking into Matchbox for the Fall Ready event at the mall by 6:12 pm — even with a 6-minute Metro wait.

If you’re like me and you’re looking for an excuse to shop, or even want to switch up your beauty routine, Saturday, September 22 is your day. Fashion Centre at Pentagon City is hosting their Fall Ready Event from 1 – 5 pm and it’s full of amazing perks! Stop by the mall for complementary makeovers, fall fashion previews, and more. The best part is that any shoppers who spend $150 or more at any store in the mall will receive a complimentary tote filled with giveaways! Just swing by Guest Services next to Sephora to claim it. Read on for a sneak peek of some fall highlights from some of the Centre’s top retailers.

The Body Shop | Did you know that The Body Shop was the first beauty shop to stand against product testing on animals? They’ve been around for eons but they were truly a leader in sustainable beauty! Gerald’s been struggling with a bit of skin inflammation and my cal Elisabeth of District of Chic recommended The Body Shop’s shaving cream for mens’ sensitive skin. I can’t wait to pick a can up for him on my next trip to the mall.

Kate Spade | Is there anything this brand can’t make fashionable? Their new fall line features a super sassy line of handbags and accessories with foxes and couldn’t be cuter.

L’OCCITANE| I actually didn’t know that L’OCCITANE products are organic! I’m on a bit of a natural skincare kick and I was so excited to learn that they use organic ingredients. The beauty shop recently launched a new Reboost product that’s meant to revitalize your skin after traveling and I’m so excited to try it out. Stay tuned for a review on stories!

TUMI| First let me start by saying, the store manager at TUMI is such a doll. She’s so passionate about the products TUMI creates that I was sold the second she told us that the brand is creating five new collections made just for women. The new collections are seriously chic, and I’m hoping I can somehow wrangle their suitcase and weekender bag into my wedding registry…

COACH | I NEED THIS DINKY BAG IN MY LIFE. I am utterly obsessed with this bag, and the whole Coach fall line is gorgeous — think western-inspired styles and hand-painted prints.

48 Hours in Chicago

When Gerald and I went to Chicago to celebrate my longtime friend Victoria’s birthday (and squeeze in some quality time with Rox!) I did not expect to fall in love with the city. I’d heard horror stories about the cold, so I automatically assumed it wasn’t a city I would like — I was SO wrong. Chicago officially has a piece of my heart. It has so many things to do and places to explore, plus a lake and a beach, and the people there are SO NICE. Not to mention there’s fabulous shopping and a great food scene.

We literally spent 49 1/2 hours in the city, landing around 8 am on Friday morning and leaving at 9:30 am on Sunday. The flight was super easy — I slept the whole time both ways — and about an hour and a half from Reagan airport. Chicago does have a one hour time difference, so it was really nice to get that extra hour on Friday.

Since our flights were a little pricey — $330 each — we decided to forgo a nice hotel for the cheapest we could find and stayed at The Congress Plaza Hotel. It’s definitely one of the older hotels in Chicago, but the price was right and it was in a great location in the Loop, right near Millennium and Grant Park. I can’t really brag about the amenities or the room, but considering we were really only there to sleep and shower, it was a fine stay. We took the L (Chicago’s version of the Metro) straight from the airport to our hotel on Friday morning to drop our bags off and I was shocked at how easy the transit system was to navigate. We flew into O’Hare and it was about an hour ride to downtown, but the line is mostly above ground so you didn’t feel like you were stuck on a commuter train.

After dropping our bags, we headed to the Riverwalk to take one of the famed Chicago Architecture Tours. The tour is right on the river and you get to learn so much about the city and its architectural history! It sounds a little cheesy, but it was definitely a highlight of the trip. I booked our tour a few weeks in advance through Chicago’s First Lady Cruises, which is run by the Chicago Architecture Center, so I knew it would be legit. The first floor of the boat was covered (which was perfect since it was pouring rain), and had a bar! We rather aggressively had some 10 am mimosas, but it just added to the charm of the tour. We ended up going on the top half of the boat for the majority of the tour since it offered the best views, and the rain really didn’t ruin it. (Let’s just say it was not a good hair day for me.) I 100% recommend booking one of these tours if you visit the Windy City!

After the boat tour, I was so cold that I had to go buy pants. Rox gave me the location of the closest Forever 21, but on the way there we passed by Nordstrom and I am SO glad we went it. The Nordstrom on on Michigan Avenue, aka the Magnificent Mile, is actually the flagship store and it is insane — it made Tysons look like a dump. There are full TopShop, Reformation, Free People, and Madewell sections, in addition to a bar on the men’s floor! I snagged a pair of TopShop pants and a top and was so much happier in the chilly weather.

Straight from Nordstrom, we hopped on the L again and headed to Wrigley Field to catch a Cubs game. Wrigley Field is the second oldest baseball stadium in the US and it had SO much character. We went to a 1:20 pm game and I was shocked at how many people had dipped out of work to attend it! While I’m not a Cubs fan (#GoNats), it was a really fun game and it even went into overtime. We got tickets for a pretty great deal on StubHub (around $35 each I think?) and since the stadium is on the smaller side, every seat in the house is pretty solid.

We took the L back into the city and took some quick naps before meeting up with Rox and the Husband of Glam for dinner. (I’m not a napper, but in our defense, we had gotten up at 4:30 am EST.) We met at Beatrix in the Aloft hotel in River North and it was SO good. It was a total scene and the food was super veg-friendly. I’m still thinking about the chopped Thai salad I had! (Great choice, Rox.)

From there, the birthday celebrations started and I was reunited with my biffy since 5th grade at Point and Feather.  We had so much fun catching up with Vic and my college frat brother and playing darts (sorry I was a horrible teammate, Nina) and then decided to be insane people and go get bottle service across the street at Hubbard Inn. I’m not used to staying up partying till a bar closes anymore, but we had so much fun dancing the night away. Trust me, I paid for it with the hangover the next day.

Due to the night before, we had a slower start to our Saturday morning and walked over to Eataly for lunch. Eataly was SO cute and definitely worth checking out. Imagine if Union Market was 100% Italian, and that’s basically was it is. To nurse our hangovers, we each got a Neopolitan pizza and split a bottle of wine. I could have spent hours in the food hall exploring the different wines and sampling fare from each of the different mini restaurants, but we had a city to see!

To burn off the carbs, we walked to the lake and took a stroll around the Ohio Beach area. The lake is absolutely gorgeous and offers amazing views of the skyline. We both love people watching and had so much fun seeing all of the party yachts roll in. #Goals. Right next to the lake is Navy Pier, which was pretty touristy, but still a fun spot to check out! We grabbed a beer and hung out in the amphitheater area watching all of the riverboat tours sail by.

We headed back towards hotel via the Riverwalk, and I wish we’d had more time to check out all of the restaurants right on the water — definitely something to add to your list if you are visiting Chi! We had to stop into Millennium Park and see The Bean, and there was actually a dance festival going on! I convinced G to undergo five minutes of a salsa dance lesson on one of the park lawns, you can imagine how thrilled he was. We took an obligatory selfie in The Bean, then headed to the neighboring Crown Fountain to see the splash park.

Fast forward to dinner — we tried to go to the Milk Room, a speakeasy at the Chicago Athletic Association, for a pre-meal cocktail but it was fully booked for the evening so we headed to The Gage, which used to be a woman-run hat factory! We then hopped in an Uber to Bucktown to my favorite kind of restaurant, a Mexican hole-in-the-wall to meet up with the birthday girl. Estrella Negra was perfect, inexpensive and delicious!

To cap off the night, we headed to The Whistler, a dive bar with a live DJ around the corner where I got to reconnect with one of my old coworkers!  I kid you not, I ordered a round that included a glass of wine, a vodka soda, and an IPA and nearly spit my drink out when I saw that it was only $15. That’s ONE cocktail in DC! The District has ruined me.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, chock-full of adventures. I can’t wait to go back.

Amazon Finds Round 2


I got so much positive feedback from my original Amazon fast fashion round up post that I figured I’d do round two! I’ve been loving how easy it is to order clothes at affordable prices and since Amazon is such a large, streamlined company, it’s super easy to do returns and track packages.

I have been ordering some items in multiple sizes because I’m not sure how they’ll fit, but the reviews are extremely helpful and I love that some customers leave their own photos. I wore this romper to a friend’s birthday celebration at Mission, and it was a little large, but I don’t think it looks bad!

Shop some of my most recent finds below, as well as some of my tired and true staples.

Screen shot 2018-09-03 at 7.35.38 PM

Oitom FitBit Band | I’m obsessed with my FitBit and feel absolutely naked without it on. I love how much nicer the gold mesh band looks compared to the black rubber band that FitBits come with, and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t feel weird sweating in it at the gym!

Screen shot 2018-09-03 at 7.36.28 PM

Two Tone Ankle Strap Sandals | I ordered these on Prime Day and have been wearing them nonstop! They are insanely comfortable — I clocked 22,000 steps around Chicago in them!

Screen shot 2018-09-03 at 7.38.17 PM

Zaful Leopard Bikini | This suit is by far my favorite bikini purchase of the year. I did have a slight mishap with sizing — I ordered both a small and a medium, assuming one would fit and ultimately decided to keep the medium even though the top ran a little large, but wasn’t able to return the suit, even after debating directly with Zaful. Since it was so cheap, I didn’t mind eating the cost and wear the medium bottoms with the small top!

Screen shot 2018-09-03 at 7.41.25 PM

Romwe Rainbow Tee | How adorable is this tee!? The fabric is actually super soft and I can’t wait to break this out for Pride next year!